Top 10 Camping Items You Must Have This Winter

Camping in the winter can be difficult but will always be worth it. It comes to a toss up of warmth versus weight when deciding what to pack and what your trip essentials will be. Warm camping items are often heavy and bulky which can make camping in the winter unpractical and a big reason why many wait till the warmer months. This list is to show you not only can you travel with compact warming gadgets, but you can also do it without breaking the bank.

When it comes to keeping warm there have been the same options on the market for years. You can either heat up with layers, bulky items you have no space for, or disposable hand and feet warmers that are no good for the environment. Instead, check out this rechargeable HeatBank. This handheld device not only serves as a portable power bank for your devices but is also a rechargeable hand warmer that will keep your hands warm throughout your trip without creating waste or taking up space. 

On the same note, what about your feet? The perfect solution going right along with the HeatBank is the ANTRAGO rechargeable heated socks. Often many peoples main issue is no matter how many socks they put on they just can’t seem to get their feet warm! With these you can save the bulk in your shoes and narrow down the layers you have to pack. You can charge these socks with your hand warmer and your toes will keep from freezing throughout your trek. 

I am all about staying compact when hiking and camping. A hike in the cold becomes ten times more difficult when you have a heavy pack. Throughout my search for winter camping essentials I found a couple must-haves that will keep your backpack compact and will allow for maximum warmth! 

The first warmth inducing product I discover was the GET OUT GEAR double puffy camping blanket. This blanket is double lined while also being compressible. A blanket that keeps you warm and doesn’t take up space in your pack.. game changer! This blanket is compressed by something just like my next item except this one you can use for your clothes. The DITTY SACK comes in a pack of three that allows you to throw in clothing items and use the draw string to minimize the space they take up. This means more warmth without the price of taking up space. 

To keep on the same page I found the FIT-FLIP microfiber towel. Most normal towels are bulky and take a long time too dry. In the winter that is definitely not ideal. This midsize towel dries quick and if you have ever used a microfiber towel you know how well they work. There will no need for extras and this towel can be your one stop shop!

Let the compacting continue! Once you finally reach camp, you are going to want to kick back and relax. After a long days hike your feet are going to need a rest. This is why the ALPHABEING inflatable lounger is a great addition to your camping essentials. All you need is a little bit of wind or, someone who is quick on their feet to inflate the hammock. No pump needed, just the natural elements and then you have a comfy spot to take a breather that shrinks down and only weighs 2.65 lbs. 

Now I really am an in case of an emergency person. I like to have everything I might need but when camping that is pretty impractical. That’s why through my hunt I searched for items that were small, light, and could be helpful in an emergency or unexpected situation. 

Firstly, Im sure you have seen this all around but after using it, I do NOT camp without it. The LIFESTRAW weighs in at 2.3 ounces and will allow you to drink water out of streams and rivers if you happen to run out and are in need of hydration. If one thing is essential its water and I chose to never risk not being able to have clean, fresh water. 

Another awesome find I had was the HUCKBERRY PORTABLE CAMPFIRE. Especially in the winter, a fire is crucial. You might be camping right after a rain or snow and wet wood makes sure a fire is not in the cards. Not with this portable campfire! In a small little tin you have the key to warmth all at a reasonable price. These are great for year round but especially in the winter so you can ensure you will have a fire if needed!

Okay, these last two might not be essential but I have to admit, I thought they were pretty cool. Lights are out, its the middle of the winter, pitch black, you can’t see a thing. What are you to do? The FLY2SKY portable hanging LED lights are little lightbulbs on the go. These lights are great in cased of an emergency and weather issues as they are specifically made to be hurricane emergency lights. The lights come with a clip attached that allows you to hang wherever you would like so you can have the appropriate amount of light in the right spots. These also free up your hands so you do not have to hold them while you are doing whatever you need to do. Lastly, the lights also could be hooked to a belt loop mid-hike to give you an extra source of light as the sun goes down. 

Last but certainly not least are the ICE SNOW GRIPS. These fun little guys clip onto your boots and give you that extra traction snow cleats would give you without having to carry an extra pair of shoes. With their ability to snap on and off these give you a two for one on any shoes and they have you prepared for that winter snowfall. Whether you are going off the beaten path or into some heavy snow, these grips will keep you hooked in and make for a much safer winter hike. 

All in all, essentials are up to any individual’s perception. In my opinion I think all of these could be used for many different situations winter, spring, summer, or fall. If you are someone who loves to camp these are great options to narrow down your packing list and to give your back a break. If you are someone with a loved one who enjoys camping these can make fantastic gifts. These gadgets are all under $70 with the majority being under $25. These are great gifts that can make your loved ones happy and keep them safe without breaking the bank. Stay outdoors and keep exploring!

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Top 10 Camping Items You Must Have This Winter

Camping in the winter can be difficult but will always be worth it. It comes to a toss up of warmth versus weight when deciding what to pack and what your trip essentials will be. […]

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